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Dental Sealants

Young boy smiling with healthy teethBesides repairing problems, our team likes to educate our patients on their oral health and provide resources on preventing problems before they occur. At Gregory J. Gorman, DMD, we can protect the most vulnerable areas with the placement of dental sealants, with a simple coating, we can protect your teeth from decay, helping you preserve the aesthetics of your smile.

Dental Sealants can play an extremely valuable role in your, and your child’s, dental health. Information about dental sealants includes:
•  Who: Dental sealants are typically applied to patients who have increased risk of developing tooth decay. This includes our adolescent patients, teens and adults who have higher plaque trouble areas. Some patients struggle with proper brushing and hygiene, while other patients may just have areas of their teeth that have deeper grooves or spots that can easily hide bacteria.
•  What: Dental sealants are a liquid plastic coating that we brush on, and then allow to dry hard. There are no needles, nothing that would cause pain or discomfort, simply a small brush. Sealants serve as a plastic shield for the occlusal, or biting, surface of your permanent teeth. Your molars can often have deep grooves and fissures that can be difficult to clean. Some patients may even find that they have grooves that are too narrow for a toothbrush.
•  When: Dental sealants can be placed when the need is observed. We typically recommend patients receive sealants when their molars and premolars have erupted above the gumline. This generally means that we advise all of our young patients to get sealants fairly young. They can safeguard your child’s oral health, and establish a strong foundation that can mean better dental health in their adulthood. However, dental sealants do not replace good oral hygiene practices and regular dental cleanings and dental exams.
•  Why: Dental sealants are a layer of protection that we literally paint onto areas that are most at risk of developing decay. Once dried, it will serve as a barrier, separating your teeth from food debris, plaque and bacteria. Studies have indicated an 80% reduction in the incidence of cavity development in patients with dental sealants. This is because sealants prevent the acids produced by bacteria from making contact and attacking the enamel.

The Application Of Dental Sealants

Prior to the application of your dental sealants we begin with a thorough cleaning of the tooth and surrounding area. The tooth is then washed with a special paste and rotary brush. Next, we use an acidic solution on the area where the sealant is going to be applied, this will roughen the area a bit, which will help with better adhesion. With the tooth prepped, clean and dry, we then paint the sealant on. It is applied in liquid form and then dried using an ultraviolet light.

Your new sealants are strong and durable, they can withstand normal chewing and should stay in place for years, often up to ten years. We will check the status of your sealants during your checkup appointments and can reapply as needed.

Schedule An Appointment

If you have questions, or would like to learn more about the dental sealant process, call (970) 812-3959, and a member of our staff can assist you.
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Dental sealants provide extra protection from damage and decay by creating a protective coating over the teeth. Call Gregory J. Gorman to schedule today!
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