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All On 4 Treatment Concept
Dentist Grand Junction

An example of All on 4 treatment concept at Gregory J. Gorman, DMD in Grand Junction.Certainly, dental implant technology has improved with time, as has all aspects of dental care, but none have more significantly impacted restorative dentistry than Nobel Biocare’s All-on-4 Treatment Concept. This technology has provided a significant improvement and broadened the population which can benefit from this revolutionary artificial tooth solution. Those patients who may have been excluded by traditional dental implant procedures due to lack of bone mass and healthy supportive structure can now get dental implants.

One of the more recent advances, it has been around for decades. The All-on-4 Treatment Concept has become a go-to for those situations in which traditional dental implants cannot be utilized. Popular, quick, and far less expensive than comparable procedures, patients can get a full set of artificial teeth in a single appointment. Please contact us today to find out more at our office location here Gregory J. Gorman, DMD.

All-on-4 Treatment Concept

Cost is an obvious concern for most patients when trying to decide on which procedure to have done when it comes to artificial teeth solutions. Getting traditional dental implants can be incredibly costly. Patients who are weighing the cost and benefit of a particular implant solution will be pleasantly surprised by the All-on-4 cost. Not only is it less expensive but it also requires far less bone mass than the traditional dental implant procedure. Because they are implanted at an angle rather than in a vertical position, they do not need to go as deeply into the bone.

Patients looking for more good news will be pleasantly surprised to know that All-on-4 can be completed in a single appointment. It does not matter if additional procedures need to be done. From the tooth extraction to the placement of dental implants, it can all be done in a single appointment.

All-on-4 Description

Taking less than four hours, this procedure is truly revolutionary. Due to not requiring other appointments and all procedures are done during a single appointment, it is far more efficient and cost-effective than other dental implant procedures. It saves time and money both for the dental practice and the patient.

Benefits of the All-on-4 Treatment Concept

While tooth loss can greatly impact a patient’s appearance, by not having a supportive structure beneath the lips and cheeks, the All-on-4 procedure can help restore a patient’s appearance. It does not matter if the tooth loss was caused by a lack of good oral hygiene practices, disease or even trauma, this procedure will provide an artificial tooth solution like no other.

For those worried because they were told they did not have adequate bone mass for traditional dental implants to those who were anxious about the added expense of traditional implant procedures, the All-on-4 is the viable solution and one which will leave a lasting impression on the patient’s life.

Come into our office and find out the information you need. We are always here ready to help patients by guiding them through the decision process. Located at Gregory J. Gorman, DMD, our staff can assess your needs and provide a solid treatment plan. Call us at (970) 812-3959 to get things started with your initial appointment. We can also do phone consultations at the same number.
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